Campus Tunes: Studying College Listening with Spotify

In the third week of my internship, I have identified a direction to guide me forward in developing a sample project for the cloud storage platform Moonbase: Campus Tunes, a Spotify-based application.

With Campus Tunes, I plan to discover the unique tastes of universities across the Bluegrass state through trends and distinctive listening characteristics. This research project delves into the intersections of music, culture, and big data by examining the influences of location, campus environment , and other factors. User playlists and any top-streamed track data from users/specific locations will be necessary to utilize data from a sample of students from at least two Kentucky institutions. As I develop further into the project, I may look into differences in Ivy League schools, state versus private institutions, and other distinctions. This application serves as a component of course credit from Transylvania University and work as an intern at CirrusMio.

A quick rundown of what I plan to do: 

    • Utilize Spotify Web API and authentication protocols to access information for local song plays, by playlist, streaming, or top hits for samples of KY college students
    • Collect and organize student listener’s information into a manipulatable format for analysis using Moonbase
    • Examine trending artists, unique music choices, and other analytics for each institution
    • Conduct and publish research on listening behaviors of users, and provide explanation about how location, culture, and community may interconnect

What’s out there: A look at other apps and research that has been conducted using location and Spotify streaming

Distinctive Artists: Unique artists indicative of each state, computed by delta in top 100 artists of each state in comparison to other states. Scaling this idea for colleges is part of what I plan to do with Campus Tunes. Kentucky’s most distinctive artist is Fall Out Boy– who called that one?

Musical Map: Cities: I’m blown away by this interactive map, it’s in the same vein as my current application and serves as an even more detailed version of “Distinctive Artists”, The coolest part of this study is that you can explore it, as Spotify created 100 song playlists for nearly 1,000 cities worldwide that present local preferences. Check out the most unique plays for Lexington and Louisvillefeaturing Kentucky-based bands like Sundy Best, My Morning Jacket, and Moon Taxi, as well as artists that resonate with folks in the Commonwealth, like the Avett Brothers.

Serendipity: Tracks when two users click play on the same song at the same time, worldwide. Some of the background processes may be of use to me, and it uses a very impressive interface and take on big data. 

Others: A whole list of Spotify-based online apps, courtesy of Reddit

Spotify Tools:

Once I get approval from Spotify to get keys for user authentication permission, I will venture further into the developement of Campus Tunes over the next 2+ months with CirrusMio. This project combines my love of internet services like Spotify and my interest in the culture of college campuses to make for an exciting study that I look forward to progressing into!


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