Gimme Some Data! Developing Campus Tunes

It’s time to narrow in a little bit further, as I begin to design the outline and processes of my Spotify-based college music study. For the most part it’s laid out in front of me, and I will be working to specify the data that I need and advertise the study to Kentucky’s colleges next. I can’t wait to get some data and find out what the top artists are for Transylvania, and why Centre only listens to Kidz Bop!

Here is what I have figured out so far:

The Process

Campus Tunes

I need top track plays for each user, and that’s not straightforward with Spotify

As there is no outright enpoint to call for this, the only way to do capture top track plays with Spotify would be to get recently added songs in each user playlist as well as their starred tracks as an indicator of what they’re listening to. It works, but it might not be the best study. Recent developments by the music-streaming company include integrated methods to get top track plays, but those have yet to be released. For now, I am looking into’s API as a work around, because it is a connected service of Spotify and already takes in user play history through Scrobble. If this works out, it’ll probably be the way that I collect data, but may be a bit more troublesome than a single API, one-time authorization method that doesn’t depend on the user also having a account and meddling with both platforms. More research ahead… yay!

I’m excited to see the study come together, and hope that I can pull together some really interesting conclusions about campus culture with colleges in the Commonwealth as a subject. Down the road I could definitely see this Moonbase sample project turning into a full web or mobile app in the form of a Yik Yak for local music interests and discussion, and I’m looking forward to whatever is ahead.


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