The Study: Big Data Meets College Music

What is UK’s top artist? How do EKU and Transy differ in musical tastes?
I’m running a music study to discover the distinctive music choices of each college in Kentucky called Campus Tunes. (as a student working for Lexington-based software company CirrusMio as an internship and class credit with Transylvania University via Dr. Moorman)
Campus Tunes Brandmark Campus Tunes HowTo Campus Tunes Lastfm explainer Campus Tunes Mission

I Want To Help! Here’s the study:

I’m using’s API in connection with Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, etc. toget JSON data, and I look forward to any interesting cultural and campus conclusions that I’ll be able to make after I run it through a database platform for analysis. There’s potential here to look into some unique patterns in colleges in a way that hasn’t been done before, and if I keep accumulating users I will be able to precisely track the top artists, tracks, and trends for Transy, UK, and any other university that I gives me a large enough sample size.
Luckily I’ve had some success with getting people onboard, but I’m still definitely in need of more data over the course of the next month, especially to get each university on the musical map. I can’t wait to see what I uncover!

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