The Data Floweth: Finishing Up Campus Tunes

It’s been a great semester at CirrusMio, and before I get back into the swing of things for this spring term, here is the work I’ve done– summed up:

  • Identified a sample project for data collection (study of college music listening choices, ex. how do UK and Transy differ? What is WKU’s top artist?)
  • Researched and utilized API for Spotify, and ultimately implemented Lastfm API.
  • Organized, branded, and presented ‘Campus Tunes’ study.
  • Sent out Google Forms-based survey that outputs response to spreadsheet.
  • Continuously marketed study on social media sites.
  • Contacted several dozen professors and staff from across Kentucky, in both Music and Computer Science fields with information and link to survey, asking them to pass it along to their students.
    • Multiple professors did send study to all of their students.
  • Gathered usernames and colleges of each respondent and thrown into CSV file
  • Wrote Python script to:
    • manipulate up to 10,000 results per user
    • post to Moonbase’s Amazon Web Services URL
    • print results to terminal
    • post/print results based on user’s input (Whether to print tracks or artists, # of results to use)
  • Created huge Spotify playlists with user’s top tracks and shared them using Ivy

The Github repo for Python code:

Next Steps: CirrusMio is working on a script in conjunction with the Moonbase platform to run analysis on the Campus Tunes data, so no overarching results just yet, but soon.

It’s been fantastic to work with professional developers in a company with great culture, CirrusMio has rocked! Observing Agile development in action while learning about it in my Software Engineering course has been a invaluable experience, the mix of hands-on, in the field work and exploration of theories and best practices in the classroom has taught me a great amount.

Now that I’ve completed three upper-level Computer Science courses in one semester, I feel much more confident and knowledgeable about the field and my abilities, and have a more tempered direction for the years ahead of me. With more projects and code under my belt, I want to explore further into UI/UX and Front End Development, as well as Project Management. Onward!




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