The Brewgrass Trail Soundtrack

Sun-soaked afternoons in the Keeneland grandstands, weekend adventures through the endless Appalachian landscape of Red River Gorge, sunset over vibrant Bluegrass farmland — these are all staples of Kentucky’s personality. The Lexington Brewing Company has experienced and influenced these traditions that Kentuckians hold so close through its connection to the Commonwealth’s beloved commodity: bourbon. Distillers connected to Lexington Brewing and Town Branch date back to 1794, just two years after statehood was gained, and have left a legacy that includes shaping the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, pushing through Prohibition, and operating today as one of the only companies on the planet that crafts both beer and bourbon. Just as the Kentucky state flag depicts a pioneer and statesman uniting, Lexington Brewing Company represents that of brewing and distilling.

As an ode to My Old Kentucky Home, the following songs by native Kentuckians are paired with selections of Lexington Brewing Company’s beers to embody the love of flavorful brews and a kick ass state.

Bourbon Barrel Ale: Parachute – Chris Stapleton

A pairing of unique Kentucky sweetness and twang will make you feel warm and cozy, thanks to Lexington Brewing Company’s best-selling beer and Stapleton’s award-winning 2015 album.

Kolsch: Golden – My Morning Jacket

Slip away in the shade of a summer day with a Kentucky Kolsch in hand, and the upbeat alt-country drum lines of Louisville’s My Morning Jacket on your bluetooth speaker.

BBA Old-Fashioned: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Cage The Elephant

Weighing in at a whopping 10% ABV, this one packs a punch. Enjoy the gritty steel-sliding guitar licks of Cage The Elephant with Lexington Brewing Company’s strongest beer.

BBA Stout: Coal Miner’s Daughter – Loretta Lynn

Skip coffee, kick back on the front porch and enjoy a beer as dark and rich as eastern Kentucky coal with an accompaniment by Loretta Lynn.

Race Day: Good Day -Nappy Roots

Hops and hooks make a good team. Formed at WKU in the ’90s, Nappy Roots’ hit single imbues the joy of a sunny Keeneland race track.


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